Part 2 Love by Lindsmith: A blog series by Kirsten Lindsmith

Extending Care (Part 2 of 3)  When we recall our experiences attempting to receive or extend care, many of us encounter negative feelings as a result of past social traumas. Learning to receive and extend emotional care can bring up feelings of insecurity, fears of rejection, or even anger. These types of self-reflection are essential […]

Part 1 Love by Lindsmith: A blog series by Kirsten Lindsmith

Active Listening—A Three Step Process  (Part 1 of 3) Misunderstandings are part of being human—whether you are on the autism spectrum on not. They occur between couples, friends, siblings, and parent and child (certainly anyone who is raising a teen knows that misunderstandings are a daily occurrence). Differing points of view and the aftermath of […]

Autism In Love–What We Can Learn From This Film

With yet another Valentine’s Day having come and gone, forming loving connection continues to be a worthwhile discussion for some persons with autism. Love is certainly nuanced and elusive. Many believe that Love is also essential. Documentary films have covered relationships, love, and autism, but none like Autism in Love. Autism In Love is a documentary that takes viewers […]

Listening to Autistic Voices

Have you ever received a bad prognosis about your child’s future?  Have you ever been told that you shouldn’t have hope? Dr Steven Shore at 4 years old – “Diagnosed with atypical development and strong autistic tendencies and “too sick” for outpatient treatment, Dr. Shore was recommended for institutionalization.” Anthony Ianni – “Doctors and specialists […]

Meet David Hamrick

David Hamrick is another speaker that we invited back after he spoke at last year’s Love & Autism Conference.  As the other half of the autism power couple, David has been a speaker at conferences and workshops, having given over 60 presentations on autism and related issues over the last seven years.  David has also […]

Meet Lindsey Nebeker

Lindsey Nebeker, pianist, advocate for many important issues (eating disorder awareness, LGBTQ rights, and supporting sexual abuse survivors…to name a few), creator/owner/blogger/voice of Naked Brain Ink, speaker, and soon to be wife of David Hamrick. Lindsey Nebeker wears many hats. I also consider her and David to be the autism community’s power couple. Together with […]