Everyone needs a friend

Imagine dropping your child off at school and watching them for a few minutes before you leave. What would you see? Would you see your child walk alone on the outskirts, not talking or interacting with anyone?  Would you see your child walk towards a group of their peers and stand on the periphery, wanting […]

The Hope of Happiness for Those with ASD

Chou Chou Scantlin is infectiously happy! She’s insanely creative. She amazingly open and friendly. She exudes confidence. She is ever positive and satisfied with her life. She’s the type of person that we want our children to grow to be. Actually, she the type of woman that I hope to be someday too. She is a […]

You’ll Figure it out!

When a child is born, parents are thrust into the role of attending to their needs. As new parents, we are concerned with finding everything our child needs, be it the right bedding to the best fitting diapers. As our child grows, we continually try to create opportunity and new experiences for them. Perhaps we […]